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The Best Ways to Spoil Your Cat

The Best Ways to Spoil Your Cat

Cats are wonderful animals and make great companions that can be useful to people for a multitude of reasons. These include, but aren’t limited to, help lowering stress, getting over the loss of a loved one, and even helping young children develop less allergies. While cats do better in smaller living arrangements than dogs and do not require walks, they still need to be stimulated. The best ways to spoil your cat are usually easy and fun on top of helping strengthen the bond between you.


Brushes are one of the best ways to spoil your cat. They are an amazing way to spend some quality time with your cats brushing out their coat. The act of brushing helps stimulate the kitty’s skin and also spread the natural oil throughout their hair. This will also help reduce the amount of furballs they will have to deal with, by removing the loose hair and, for that, your feline friend will be thankful. When trying to find a good time to brush your cat, make sure both of you are not stressed or tense. If there is no tension, the brushing session will be smooth and enjoyable. For more info read Our Favorite Cat Grooming Tools.

Interactive Cat Laser

Cats can grow bored of playing with the same toys and that’s what makes interactive cat toys a great addition to the playbox. These toys can help stimulate the cats primal hunting nature and have an automatic shut off after fifteen minutes. This lazer is pet safe by going cordless and eliminates the chance of tripping up your kitty by running off of AA batteries. The laser toy has three speeds, slow, fast and random, which will keep your cat entertained and guessing where the laser will go. Note: The shutoff feature ensures your cat doesn’t get overstimulated which can be an issue with toys such as these. It is best to limit their time with this type of toy.

Cat Trees

Cat trees are a great way to spoil a feline friend. Cat trees allow your cat to view their domain from a different altitude and are especially great in multicat homes by supplying multiple perches. Cats need to be stimulated, play, and scratch – cat trees can tick all of these boxes in one go. Put your cat tree near a window inside the house to add another layer of enjoyment by allowing your kitty to watch the outside world. This helps keep the cat entertained and will provide multiple hours of enjoyment. For ideas on which to buy read The Best Cat Trees for Large Cats!

Running Water Dish

Cats can be very particular about their water and do not like their food and water too close together. Cats have strong senses and like their water to taste fresh. Throughout the day dust, food, and other particles can accumulate in a regular dish of water and lead to the cat not drinking. Running water is a cat’s favorite and a running water dish with a filter can help keep the kitty hydrated and feeling their best.

Scratching Posts

Cat’s claws can become too long and this will be extremely uncomfortable for them. To combat this cats will claw things and without something like a scratching post this will likely be your couch. Cats enjoy different materials and angles to scratch at. Finding a stable scratching post is essential so your cat feels safe while enjoying it. These are also a great option if you don’t have room for a cat tree. Check out our awesome DIY Cat Scratcher for the Couch!


One of the easiest ways to provide some fun for a cat and a very cost effective one is to provide some cardboard boxes. Cardboard can be great for many reasons, it allows a different material for them to claw at and also can be a great new fort to play in. Taking multiple boxes and putting them together can create some extremely fun play moments with your cat. You can even cut some holes in the boxes and create even more variety with their new toy.

There are many ways to show your cat you love them but the best ways to spoil your cat can have great benefits for their health. Whether it is a new brush that helps them control the amount of loose hair and help eliminate hairballs or a running water dish that will help your kitty stay hydrated, they will enjoy getting spoiled. Not to mention, you as the kitty parent will enjoy watching them bespoiled, adding joy to both of your lives.


The best way to spoil your cat