About Us

We are a Florida family who just loves cats!

We are the proud pet parents to way too many cats! After never getting a chance to have pets when growing up I dived at the chance the second I was out on my own. It started with the adoption of two kittens and then eventually grew into adding on the fostering of three more!

Now we are a happy family with six cats just trying to navigate the everyday life of being a parent to these furry kiddos.

“If you want to love them, learn to love like they do—firmly in the now.”

― Jackson Galaxy, Cat Daddy

Where it all started...

Back in 2018, we experienced our first major crisis as a cat owner. We had to rush our kitty to the hospital after a diagnosis of Kidney Disease. This is when I then realized I felt so lost in how to handle dealing with a chronically ill cat. Our lives have forever changed since but I would trade the extra time we have gained for the world.

Since I lovingly have been dubbed a crazy cat lady by friends and family I become the go to source when someone had a cat question. This made me realize there are others out there that probably have the same questions. So I created this blog to share our ups and downs of owning cats. When reading our stories I hope this helps make you feel like you are ready to take on any challenges when they come your way.