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Temptations Cat Treats Phosphorus Content

March 25, 2021 /

A common question we get around here, is it okay to feed temptation cat treats? What is the Temptations Cat Treats Phosphorus Content? Is it …

How Long Can a Cat Live with Kidney Failure

March 23, 2021 /

This is the million dollar question, how long can a cat live with kidney failure? I know this is the first thing I sought the …

How to Take a Cat’s Blood Pressure at Home

March 21, 2021 /

You know I just want to back up before I dive into this whole topic and say that I, probably like you reading this, never …

Nystagmus in Cats, What it Looks Like

March 11, 2021 /

I didn’t notice when my girl was a kitten but one day when playing with my Ragdoll cat I noticed her eyes were flickering back …

Is Fancy Feast Good for Cats with Kidney Disease

February 24, 2021 /

Dealing with the food struggles that parents of cats with kidney disease face? I haven’t experience a picky eater until our cat as diagnosed with …

The Best Cat Food for Kidney Disease

February 10, 2021 /

The diagnosis of Chronic Disease is a hard one to swallow. I cried for days that I was going to lose my sweet baby boy. …

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