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The Best Ways to Spoil Your Cat

September 9, 2019 /

Cats are wonderful animals and make great companions that can be useful to people for a multitude of reasons. These include, but aren’t limited to, …

DIY Cat Scratcher for the Couch

August 15, 2019 /

We all have one problem child, right? One of my cats, Olaf is my trouble maker. He decided that he was done using his cat …

The Best Stink Busting Cat Litters

August 7, 2019 /

Cats are absolutely amazing however, their main pitfall is that they potty in the house, in a box, that we have to clean. This can …

Our Favorite Cat Grooming Tools

July 18, 2019 /

While cats can do a pretty good job at keeping themselves clean, they will sometimes need your help to stay pristine.  Grooming your cat will …

Quick and Simple Way to Make your Cat Raw Food

June 15, 2019 /

When you start to do your research of making your own raw food the feeling can be overwhelming. I knew it was the best for …

Homeopathic Treatments I Give My Cat with Kidney Failure

May 13, 2019 /

If you are facing a diagnosis of kidney failure in your own cat it’s like a blow to the gut. I thought my whole world …

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