April 11, 2021

If you are the parent of a cat that has special restrictions to their diet you are already familiar with the struggle of getting nutritional facts from manufactures. We have two with kidney disease which has made getting phosphorus levels from an essential task for any new food we are thinking of trying. Thankfully Tiki Pets was kind enough to reach back with the information on their food for us. The Velvet Mousse lineup has been a huge win for my boy he loves the flavor and texture of it. Here is a look at the list of Tiki Cat Phosphorus Levels.

 Tiki Cat Phosphorus Levels

Tiki Cat Phosphorus Listed on a Dry Matter Basis

Updated from January, 2019 

Velvet Mousse

This line is sold in pouches and is known for being high-protein, grain-free mousse made with tender chicken or fish. I love using these as a sneaky way to get my guy to eat liquid medications he needs. It’s pungent so it’s easy to hide his medicine in without him ever knowing. The consistency is a smooth and almost soup like. No chunks are in this line, making it the perfect option if your cat hates that.

Tuna & MackerelChicken & SalmonSalmonChickenChicken & EggTuna & chickenSenior

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Aloha Friends

Made for sensitive tummies this line has delicious, high-protein meals with real tuna or chicken and easy-to-digest pumpkin, combined with flavorful fish, seafood or meat. These cans of food are chunk and best related to a stew like consistency.

Tuna, Calamari, PumpkinTuna, Tilapia, PumpkinTuna, Shrimp, PumpkinTuna, Whitefish, PumpkinTuna, Pumpkin

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Grill Diets

Once again the line features high-protein, real fish recipes garnished with shellfish in a delicious consommé. The grill line up is a cross between a pate and a stew. There are some chunks but a lot less than the Aloha line.

Ahi TunaAhi Tuna & PrawnsSardinesMackerel & SardinesSardines in LobsterTuna in Crab SurimiAhi Tuna & Crab

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Luau Diets

Hand-packed in a savory consommé, Tiki Cat® Luau™ chicken and fish recipes turn every meal into a party. These options are much more soup like reminds me over their gravy toppers they sell.

ChickenChicken & EggSalmon &ChickenSalmonTilapiaSeabassTuna & ChickenTuna & Mackerel

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After Dark

Protein-packed meals with nutrient-dense organ meat and shredded chicken in a luscious broth. No grains or carbs, just the meat cats crave. Another one that is a like a soupy stew like consistency.

Chicken & Quail EggChicken & DuckChicken & LambChicken & BeefChicken & PorkChicken

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If you also have a cat with kidney disease and are looking for some more food suggestions to investigate check out our list of food here.

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6 thoughts on “A Look at Tiki Cat Phosphorus Levels

  1. Thank you for the info. I have a cat with kidney failure. FYI Weruva carry’s a lot of cat food with low phosphorus and sodium. Look at the BFF. Fortunately on Weruva site it list every single nutrition info for each of their cat food. I’m surprised you listed Tiki cat fish cat food with low phosphorus. Weruva is chicken, Turkey; duck, lamb but no fish

    1. Yes! We feed a lot of Weruva BFF in this house and actually some of their favorites are the ones that have fish. I do love that the company has so many options to try of both gray and pate!

  2. Hello! Thank you for your time. I found something you should check out. Same, told low protein, low phosphorous and the cat won’t touch the prescription wet foods. He is Siamese main coon mix so when he’s hungry the whole house knows!! What’s worse? Starving him to death or giving him a higher protein diet?? He was on weruva before his diagnosis and of course the stupid vet we have said, I’ve never heard of that. That’s just one of the problems with them. Anyway, tiki cat raw with duck, turkey bone broth and pumpkin. Going tomorrow to get some

    1. Everything I’ve read says if they won’t eat. Try anything!!! They will literally stop eating b4 they eat things they don’t like. Obviously the lower phosphorus the better. Main importance is water then phosphorus. Try going to ckd website like Tanya’s comprehensive guide to feline chronic kidney disease.

  3. All the food you have listed ,B.F.F. Halo & Tiki Cat are too high in Phosphorus.( .5 or lower is what’s recommended,) I was giving some of these just occasionally & my cats last Lab work showed the Phosphorus has gone up. It’s now 6.1. Adding binder too frequently isn’t good either.
    My cat has Diabetes & kidney disease. I don’t know what to feed him anymore.

    1. The only way to get phosphorus .5 or lower is with prescription food most of which the main brands have lots of fillers and poor quality meat. I do feed my CKD cats RX if they will take it (I literally stock a buffet of cat food at my house 😂) but for my two it was short lived and I couldn’t get them to eat enough to keep their calories where they need to maintain/gain weight.

      I looked at it like the most vital thing for my cat is to nourish them with quality food. Yes it’s not ideal that the sometimes the protein is a little high and the phosphorus could be less than ideal. But my boy was SO HAPPY to get velvet mousse. They have to eat or they won’t live at all. I found it was more of a balancing game and I am happy I can look back and say my CKD boy who made it just over 2 years after diagnosis was really happy most of his journey. Getting extra attention and extra special food. He really didn’t experience a bad until the very end. My girl was a little more of a struggle as she detoxed from initial diagnosis. Raw food surprisingly helped her IMMENSELY of course now she will only eat BFF one flavor nothing else 🙈. Each case is so unique and these cats do put us through the ringer on food with this disease.

      You do need to keep an eye on labs as one of mine progressed through CKD phosphorous became an major issue when he went from stage 3-4 the only thing that worked for him was the aluminum binder. My girl with CKD has had to have her phosphorus managed the whole time with Niacin. I also highly recommend looking into adding in Kidney Restore powder. It’s a probiotic that can help with the toxin load that buildup as their kidneys work less and less well.

      I would look for a low carb and low phosphorus mix. Have you tried Weruva BFF PLAY – Checkmate or Weruva BFF PLAY – Topsy Turvy? Also if you are ready to make the leap to making food I had so much success with EZ Complete and I started with buying boneless skinless chicken thigh to grind up.

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