October 29, 2020

So we already compiled our big list of commercial cat food for cats with kidney disease but that may leave you with the question of what about treats. Can you even still give your cats treats? Yes! When you cat has kidney disease you are still given the a okay for treats. So now let’s look at the some healthy cat treats for cats with kidney disease.

What to Look for in You Cat Treats

So if you cat has kidney disease and you have read our article on what our favorite food options for CKD are you probably have the basics already covered here. For those of you that haven’t we most importantly what clean protien that skips the fillers and “junk food.”

Cats are obligatory carnivores so they really eat an all meat diet. They don’t need carbohydrates like you and I. However, when your kidneys are working so great protein adds strain. So it’s a delicate balance as with everything in managing this disease.

It’s important to remember these are just treats. Tiny little samplings that are served in very small portions. So while it’s ideal to stick to the list I am going to cover below of some great high quality protein snack for you cat to nibble on I fall into the YOLO camp.

If you are truly keep treats limited and in small portions then go ahead and give them those temptations. They maybe junk food and full of salt but it’s just a tiny treat and they make your cat happy. I do like to save these treats for medicine time as it smooths the whole process out. If I am looking for a hey your adorable treat I stick to the list below.

It’s not to say the items below your cats won’t go nuts for but some cats have been known to turn their nose up to PureBites, I would then turn to gravy option but if all else fails don’t stress over breaking out the traditional cat treats.

Store Bought Cat Treats for Cats with Kidney Disease

PureBites Freeze Dried Treats

You can’t go wrong with anything from this brand they have their eye out for quality. All treats from PureBites are 100% pure, natural and grain free. Plus they use human grade ingredients which is always something I am on the lookout for with anything I feed my cats.

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Tiki Cat Stixs

I sort of stumbled on these late last year and my gravy lover totally gobbled these up! If your cats are anything like mine then this creamy mousse will make your cat come running. You can feed it to them “Gogurt” style or you can simply squeeze out onto a plate for them. If you are looking for a food temptation this could be added as a meal topper for extra incentive to eat.

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Unsalted Butter

This is one of my favorites as it serves a dual purpose to those of us struggling to get our cats to put weight back on. It’s pure fat so it helps with weight gain! And for those who are in later stage kidney failure and really worried about protein this is perfect!

Bonito Flakes

A natural and delicious treat for your pet! Bonito flakes are among the highest quality flakes on the market and they are derived from a single protein source, making them a healthy choice when rewarding your pet. The flakes contain Taurine which protects your cat from serious eye maladies. The natural fish oils that are found in Bonito will keep your cat’s fur shiny and beautiful. With no additives and no preservatives this is a great all natural, high protein treat!

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Homemade Cat Treats for Kidney Disease

Plain Jane Cooked Chicken

It’s so simple but it is still so enticing to cats. Just plain chicken, NOTHING else, really I mean it. A lot of the seasoning we use on our food is actually dangerous for cats and in some cases deadly.

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