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Temptations Cat Treats Phosphorus Content


A common question we get around here, is it okay to feed temptation cat treats? What is the Temptations Cat Treats Phosphorus Content? Is it okay for my cat that has chronic kidney disease? Well, first off these are questions safest left to your vet but I will share my take on it with my cats.

My answer is all things in moderation a few tasty treats is going to be just fine. Since these treats tend to be on the higher side of phosphorous I would avoid this if you are having a hard time keeping your cats phosphorous levels normal especially if they are on some sort of phosphorous binder. As always around here we suggest running things by your cat’s veterinarian as they will have a customized recommendation based on your cat’s overall health.

Classic Temptation Cat Treats Phosphorous

Temptations Cat Treats have an approximate protein content of 33.1% and phosphorous content of 1.17% on a Dry Matter Basis. I would expect that per flavor this would fluctuate some but when I reached out to the company this is the response I received.

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What I like about this treats the most is out of all my cats never has one refused one of these treats! This makes it my go to for giving medicine or rewarding a cat for an excellent job at staying still for a blood pressure check or even a session of subQ fluids.

Remember these treats have very little calories and can’t be a cats sole diet. Treats should always be used as there name implies as a reward and sparingly.

TEMPTATIONS™ Creamy Purrrr-ee Phosphorous

Temptations has also come out with a creamy treat served in a tube. Very similar to the popular Churu treats, which are VERY high in phosphorous content (over 2% on a dry matter basis) and not an ideal treat for a cat with kidney disease. Of course we wanted to see how the phosphorous stacked up for this specific treat. Temptations Creamy Purrrr-ee have an approximate protein content of 33.84% and phosphorous content of 0.48% on a Dry Matter Basis. For the specifics on each flavor read below.

I love the flexibility of the creamy treats. First off in my house the wet food always is more appealing to my cats. Next is you have lots of serving options. You can give on a plate for a cat snack, give by hand for playful bonding, or use as an extra-special cat food topper to make their mealtime go smoother.

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Conclusion on Temptations Cat Treats

For us our cat needed to watch his phosphorous because he has chronic and terminal condition. We would use these treats for medicine to keep him happy make things less stressful on the two of us. I think you just need to analyze your situation and make the best judgement for you and your cat.

Let us know in the comment section below what your cat’s favorite flavor of temptations is!


Thursday 1st of July 2021

My cats last blood work reported slightly high creatinine level (2.6). I have been feeding him churu cat treats but just read your post about them being bad for cats with CKD. When I read I the nutritional info on the churu cat treats it says 0.2 minimum....isn't that below 0.5 as you suggested in your last CKD article or am I missing something? Are churu treats low in Phosphorus for early stage CKD cats?

Thanks so much for the advice!

Robin Griffin

Thursday 1st of July 2021

So if you are reading the packaging it is almost always a guaranteed analysis. The recommendations of .50% is on a dry matter basis. This is the food with all the moisture taken out and what's left. I would try one of the tiki cat wet sticks we have in our treat article some of those are low in phosphorus and similar to a churu. Since your cat is still pretty early stage you can probably get away with occasional use. I am always about balance you want to not take all the enjoyment out of your cats life. I have been there fighting a CKD to give medicine fluids its exhausting for all involved.


Monday 21st of June 2021

Temptations dry treats are actually AAFCO approved as a complete and balanced diet. They are, by far, not an ideal diet. They can, however, fill the gap when appetite is down or a kitty is in hospice and that's all they will eat. Thank you for posting this phosphorus info.