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15 Ways to Incorporate Your Cat into Your Wedding Day


I could scroll through endless Pinterest ideas on how to incorporate dogs into your wedding day, but cats are usually overlooked. And, honestly, I get it. Cats are skittish of loud noises, don’t always listen on command, and can claw and scratch, which won’t make for very pretty wedding photos. However, if your cat is your pride and joy, then there are 15 creative ways to incorporate your cat into your wedding day, regardless of whether or not they’re physically there with you.

1. Take Photos With Them at The House

One of the easiest ways to incorporate your cat into your wedding day is by having the photographer snap a couple of photos of you together while you’re getting ready at the house. Not only will your cat be more comfortable since they’re in a familiar environment, but it can make it easier for the photographer to capture your interaction. 

Or, you can ask the photographer to snap a couple of photos of your cat sitting near or in front of your dress/suit. Or, maybe they’re just comfortably resting on your couch while you and the rest of the party gets ready or eats breakfast. These are great in-the-moment shots and a terrific way for you to involve your cat in your wedding album. Better yet, you won’t get cat fur on your wedding outfit, which is a plus! 

2. Get a Cat Wedding Topper

Wedding toppers are a great way to express who you and your new spouse are as a couple. And what better way to show that you’re a crazy cat couple than by getting a cat cake topper? You can either buy something generic or contact a local Etsy maker who can create a custom order for you with your cat’s image or likeness or include them in a customized cake topper of you and your soon-to-be spouse. This is a cute and eclectic way to incorporate them into your wedding without them actually being there. 

3. Personalize Some M&Ms

Personalized M&Ms were all the rage a few years ago and I don’t think the trend ever really died down considering how popular they still are. Couples can customize their M&M candies with their cat’s face and hand them out as wedding favors at the end of the night. According to M&M’s website, it costs around $5.99 per customized tin.

4. Use Pictures of Your Cat as Table Numbers

Customized table numbers are another innovative way to include your cat in your wedding. Many couples use the table numbers as a way to showcase their childhood or favorite memories, so using this as a way to show off some of your favorite kitty images is perfect. Share a different image on each table. You and your partner will probably have a lot of fun sorting through all the photos and traveling down memory lane of how you adopted your furry feline. 

5. Have Donations Made in their Honor

If your cat passed away, you can still honor them at your wedding by asking guests to donate to the animal shelter where you adopted them or another animal organization that is near and dear to your heart instead of giving gifts. Many animal shelters allow you to donate in an animal’s name, so it’s a great way to honor your cat’s memory while doing good for the animals that need it. 

6. Create a Fun Photo Prop

Photo booths are incredibly popular at weddings. These photo booths usually come with props such as large sunglasses, fun phrases, and mustaches. So, why not add your cat’s head to the mix? This will make for a fun photo op that will keep everyone in your wedding party laughing for the rest of the night. 

7. Kitty Bouquets

Some couples may opt for a kitty bouquet. This is when everyone in the wedding party, including the couple, holds up a puppy or kitten in their group photos. While this makes for an insanely adorable photo op, you can do some real good by connecting with a local animal shelter that will allow you to capture them in photos but also have them available for adoption to everyone who attends the wedding. 

This will require a little finagling, of course, as you probably don’t want a bunch of kittens running around or meowing during your ceremony or at the reception, but maybe someone who works at the animal shelter can be there accepting applications so guests can pick up their new cat once their application is approved. It’s unique but possible! It allows you to hold your cat in the photo and find new friends for everyone else!

8. Name Your Signature Drink After Them

Lots of weddings allow the couple to have a signature cocktail, so what better way to incorporate your feline friend than by naming a drink after them. Feline Fizz has a certain ring to it!

9. Add Them to Save the Dates and Invitations

Take a family photo with your cat to announce your wedding date. Many people turn their save-the-dates into magnets so this is a great way to capture a nice moment and give your guests something they’ll actually be able to use. Or, you can feature an outline of them in your invitations. Get creative and work with someone who can help bring your vision to life!

10. Jewelry

If you’re wearing jewelry on your big day, you can opt to wear something cat-shaped or themed like a tiny ring, cufflinks, or earrings. Or, if your cat passed away, you can keep a photo of them in a locket or charm hanging around your bouquet. This is an understated way to keep the spirit of your cat alive and is a very sweet and loving tribute to them. 

11. Give Them a Special Role

If your cat is relaxed and well-trained enough to be able to walk down the aisle with the rings attached to their collar, then go ahead and include them! If you want to do this but are worried about how your cat will react to the responsibility, consult with a trainer in advance. It’s better to be realistic about what kind of role your cat can play than to subject them to an uncomfortable or even risky situation. 

However, if your cat listens to you, won’t run, and likes to be around a lot of people, then this may be a viable (and very cute) way of incorporating them into your wedding day. 

12. Have Your Ring Bearer or Flower Girl Walk Them Down the Aisle (Figuratively)

If it’s too risky having your cat walk down the aisle him/herself, then why not print out a large poster of them to have the ring bearer or flower girl hold as they walk down the aisle. Sure, it’s a little campy but still a cute and creative way to include your cat in your big day. Plus, it’s sure to get a lot of laughter from you and your guests, which can help make you feel more relaxed. 

13. Buy a Cardboard Cut-Out

A lot of people who were getting married during the COVID-19 pandemic ordered custom cut-outs of their relatives so they were somewhat included in the couple’s big day. You can easily do this for your cat. You can order a customized cardboard cut-out online and prop them up at the end of the aisle and at the reception for photo ops. Plus, it will probably make for a good laugh once your cat sees it at home. 

14. Framed Guestbook

Many couples opt for a signed frame instead of a traditional guestbook. Print out a photo of your cat and have your wedding guests sign around it. It makes for an inexpensive piece of home decor you and your spouse will love having on display. 

15. Make Them a Part of Your Wedding Gift 

It’s tradition for the couple to give each other a present on the day of their wedding. One way you can incorporate your pet is by giving your significant other a small little gift from your cat such as cufflinks or earrings to wear for the big day. It’s cute and subtle and something that could be privately shared between you both.

Did you incorporate your cat into your wedding day? If so, how did you do it?