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Catit Flower Fountain Review

Catit Flower Fountain Review

When you are in the market for a water fountain for your cat number one suggestion I see pop up on Amazon and also in cat care groups on Facebook is the Catit Flower fountain. There is good reason for that, it’s a solid design, well built and best of all affordable. The question is after a year of use in a six cat household how well did the fountain rank and will we be buying again? Here is our Catit Flower Fountain review!

Why Even Invest in a Cat Water Fountain

Before I dive into my review of this specific water fountain I feel like I need to first start with my PSA on water fountains for cats. Cats may seem independent creatures that never are in need of our help but well that isn’t always true. They really aren’t good drinkers. Why? Well back when they were undomesticated creatures living in our home, before they would rely on us for food, they would hunt and kill for all their meals. All that fresh meat provided the majority of water they needed for their food.

Well unfortunately, now it’s common most cats are fed a 100% dry food diet which is lacking in the moisture they used to always get from their food. So our cats, especially those that are on a kibble diet need all the extra water they can get. The running water is a natural encouragement for your cat. The sound indicates fresh yummy water for them to drink.

This is why it is highly recommend to add a cat water fountain to your house. How in the world did I come to discover all this? Well, I have a cat who was diagnose with kidney disease and this was one of the many first recommendations we got from our vet. This diagnosis was also which led me to buy this very Catit Flower Fountain. Which all my cats now frequently use!

Main Features

  • Allows 3 different water flow settings for picky drinkers and offers maximum oxygenation for fresher, better tasting water
  • 3L re-circulating system takes up little floor space. Dimensions are 9.0 x 8.3 x 7.7 inches
  • The unique design makes only fresh water available to the cat
  • Includes a dual-action water softening filter and a small energy-efficient pump. Made of BPA-free materials
  • If the pump is making excessive noise, be sure to check the water level as it is most likely low

How the Water Fountain Works

The Catit Flower Fountain is very versatile and allows up to 3 different water flow settings to appeal to picky drinkers! When I first set up the fountain at the house the cats went into full inspection mode. It got the sniff down and I had a couple who wouldn’t really try it out the first week. The nice thing is if the first flow you try doesn’t seem to be a winner the fountain is adaptable by removing parts of it’s flower it changes the flow and bubbling.

When no accessories are used, the Flower Fountain provides a gently flowing water surface. Inserting the flower accessory creates long, faucet-like streams of water. The flower is easy to add to (or remove from) the fountain. Adding the flower cap will tone down the bubbling water on top, so give this setting a try if your cat would rather play with the water than drink from it.

Pros and Cons of Catit’s Flower Fountain


Let’s first start with the the positives of the flower fountain.

  • Three bubbling modes, can be customized to your cat’s preferences
  • Quiet when motor running
  • Easy to clean


  • Plastic construction, long term won’t hold up, easily damaged
  • There is no options to buy replacement parts outside of the filters

How to Clean the Catit Cat Fountain

The Flower Fountain is easy to disassemble and clean. I recommend that you disassemble and clean at least once a month this is also when you should replace the filter for this fountain. Unfortunately, the Catit fountain can not go into the dishwasher. You should simply hand-wash each part with natural soap. Make sure anything you use is free of chemicals so it doesn’t in turn get into your cats drinking water. Also watch out for abrasive solutions or sponges you want to avoid any scratches on the plastics. If the plastic gets scratched it can allow bacteria to get in and grow.

Where to Buy

If you are an Amazon frequenter good news, as they often have the best price on this Catit Flower Fountain. You can also find this item on and Petco.