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Why Every Cat Needs Their Own Tree

Why Every Cat Needs Their Own Tree

The world can be full of stress and perceived danger, especially for smaller animals like cats and that’s why every cat needs their own tree. Even though your kitty might stay indoors all day they still keep their instincts, passed on from previous generations, including the love of heights. From their perch they can surveil the world around them and feel more comfortable and safe. They can also use this height advantage to escape from predators and lower their stress levels. Cat trees with multiple levels can also reduce feline fights by allowing more vertical space in the house and allowing the cats to have their own perch from which to view the world. Cat trees can help satisfy a multitude of cat needs such as climbing, scratching, stimulation, and a high perch where they can escape to.

Every Cat Needs It’s Space

Just like humans, cats like to have a space to call their own and each one has different needs and wants when it comes to the world. That’s why having a cat tree to call their own, is a great benefit for them. You can pick their own tree based on their personalities and likes and find one that fits them individually. Whether your cat likes to scratch a lot or climbing is more to its liking, there are many different trees out there fitted with various amenities to fit their needs. Making sure there is enough room at the top tower of the tree for your cat to lounge is a must because this is where the cats will spend a majority of their time lounging or viewing the world.

Keep the Peace

By providing each cat in the household with their own tree, the cats will be able to make it their own. This will greatly increase the peace especially in multi-cat homes by giving each cat somewhere to lounge and view the world. By supplying more than one tree you are also increasing the vertical space inside of the home for the kitties to explore, climb, and have fun with. Higher perches are usually reserved for the most dominate cat and expanding on the number of high perches with multiple cat trees can give each cat in the family a high vantage point.

Increasing Variety

Spending too much time playing with the same toy our lounging in the same spot can grow dull and boring for cats. Increasing the amount of cat trees in the house can spice up the variety of their life. Putting the trees in different spots in the house can also increase the diversity in their lives. For instance putting one near a window will allow them to view the outside world and get some great bird watching in. Putting another tree with a scratching post by your couch, most likely their favorite scratching spot if they do not have their own furniture, is a great idea because they already are accustomed to using their claws there. Another good spot is wherever they currently enjoy spending time, whether that’s in your office while your doing work or in your bedroom to give them their own sleeping area and help eliminate the cat hair from your bed.

Why does every cat need it’s own tree? Cats, like people, enjoy having a place to call their own. Cat trees are a perfect piece of cat furniture because it allows cats to complete many cat necessities such as climbing, scratching, lounging and feeling safe. Also, like their human counterparts, cats have different needs and providing a cat tree for each of them, specialized to their own needs, will greatly benefit them overall.

Providing each cat it’s own tree can keep the peace in the house and limit the amount of fighting that happens over the perches. Dominant cats usually get to enjoy the highest perch and having multiple trees can lower the risk of fighting and increase the vertical space in the house so that more than one or two kitties can enjoy it. Also, having a tree for each cat can increase the variety of views, amenities, and rooms where the cats can lounge and feel comfortable.

Feeling safe and comfortable will increase the happiness of your cats and cat trees can help provide needed exercise and claw shedding, keeping them healthy. Like their humans, cats can take a while to become comfortable with new spaces so give it time and watch as your cat begins to call their new furniture home.

Cat trees can help satisfy a multitude of cat needs such as climbing, scratching, stimulation, and a high perch where they can escape to.