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The Best Cat Trees for Large Cats

The Best Cat Trees for Large Cats

Cats definitely enjoy their sleep. However, cats also definitely enjoy their play which often includes their claws. Even if they’re not playing, cats enjoy clawing things mainly because it’s a way to wear down their claws so they’re not too long. The best way to counter your cat from scratching your furniture, is to purchase a cat tree. Not to mention, this will give an indoor cat a way to exert some energy to stay healthy. However, if you have a big cat, not all cat trees will work out. They could be too big to use it effectively or, they could even cause the tree to bend or fall over due to weight. Therefore, it’s smart to make sure a cat tree will hold your bigger kitties to where their size won’t cause the tree to be unsafe or useable.  Here are some of the best cat trees for large cats!

Bewishome Large Cat Condo

This cat tree is not only a gorgeous addition to add to the corner of your home, it also has a plethora of perks for your kitty. It not only has some sleeping or lounging spots but, they have places to climb, cubbies to hide in, and stretchy play balls dangling within the tree for some playtime. There are a couple of color options for this tree as well. The main aspect about this tree is that it’s sturdy and can hold up to multiple large cats playing on it at once. To see more or to buy you can find it here.

Go Pet Club Huge Cat Condo

If you have some room to spare for your cats, this cat tree is a piece of paradise for your furry friend. This cat tree is around 7.5 feet tall and has napping spots, hanging play ropes, climbing sections, and mini tunnel sections for your cat to enjoy. This is quite a large cat tree but, it’s nice and sturdy and comes in many color options. Your cat will hardly want to leave their cat tree if you pick this up here!

Feandrea Cat Tree

If you’re looking for something that’s a little smaller but, that will still support your large cat, this cat tree is the perfect choice. It doesn’t take up a lot of room but, it has a hammock style sleeping spot. Not to mention, it has a large scratching spot to satisfy those kitty scratching urges. There’s even a hanging ball for your kitty to get some play in. You can get this tree on Amazon here.

Go Pet Club Medium Cat Tree

If you’re not wanting a super small cat tree or a giant cat tree, and you just want something in between those two sizes, this cat tree is perfect. At about 5 feet tall, this cat tree still has all the perks without taking up too much room. A kitty ladder, kitty hammock, climbing spots, scratching spots, and so on. This cat tree still has it all but, is the perfect in between size.

New Cat Condo

If you just want a basic cat tree without all the bells and whistles, this cat tree has very few thrills while still providing your cat a place to get out those scratches. While staying smaller, this cat tree fits well into a corner, supports large cats without any issue, and provides spots for your cats to sleep. It’s a great option if your cat isn’t into a bunch of fancy extras. It is over here on Amazon.

Go Pet Club Gigantic Cat Tree

I saved the best for last. This cat tree is like a giant playground for your cat. Now, there are plenty of smaller or medium sized cat trees, as mentioned, that will fit your large cat just fine. However, if you really want to spoil your cat without paying a high price, this is the cat tree for you. This cat tree has all the bells and whistles you can imagine and is huge. I wouldn’t suggest this if you don’t have plenty of room to dedicate to it. You may never see your kitty again if you get this, it’s that cool.

The best aspects to look for on a cat tree is the base of the tree. If the base or the way the cat tree stands up isn’t very stable or extra strong, it’s most likely not that great for your large cat. Be careful buying cat tree options that are just one tall pole as these, no matter what, aren’t very sturdy for your larger cats and can be dangerous. Most of all, know your cat and the aspects they would use most on a tree and go for those options.

Phyllis Geddes

Saturday 27th of February 2021

Hi I love some of your cat trees, but I can't see any prices how do you find prices on them? Thank you

Robin Griffin

Saturday 27th of February 2021

Just click on the words highlighted in pink that will take you to the links to buy : )