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How to Keep Your Indoor Cat Happy

How to Keep Your Indoor Cat Happy

Just like most creatures that lack entertainment in their environment, cats can grow extremely bored and lonely. It’s nice to find toys and other entertainment to help your cat stay thoroughly stimulated and happy. This fun can come in a variety of ways and variety is good because this will also decrease the chance that the activities or toys become stale and uninteresting to your cat. There are many ways to provide new experiences for your cat and here are some ways to keep your indoor cat happy.

Scratching Post

Scratching posts are a perfect cat accessory because they can keep the kitty entertained and also decrease the chance that they use your couch as their ideal scratcher. Scratching posts also help your cat keep their claws from growing too long. Cats look for certain things in their scratching posts and this includes horizontal and vertical surfaces to scratch on, satisfying multiple scratching needs. The scratching post must be stable and allow your cat to feel safe while enjoying its new toy. The material is important when choosing the correct post for your cat, the material must feel nice for them to shred and the noise the post makes can increase the satisfaction of the scratching action. Finding the right scratching post for your cat is a great way to keep your indoor cat happy!

Window View

Allowing your cat a great window perch can keep them entertained for hours. They enjoy surveilling the other creatures or people that happen to come near your home. This new view allows them to see tons of outside action and gives them a change of pace from looking at the same things indoors that they can always see. Enabling your inside cat to have a nice view of the outside world is a great way to keep them happy and entertained, with little to no investment.

Cat Toys

Having multiple cat toys can keep things fresh and exciting for your cat. Having toys that provide different activities can keep your cat from getting bored doing the same thing day after day. Playing with the same toys in the same way can grow exhausting for cats. To keep the toys you already have interesting for your cat, you can hide them around the house in different locations and let your cat hunt for them. This allows your cat to use its natural hunting instincts and also provides a new form of enjoyment with the same toys.

Cat Trees

A cat tree is a great cat toy and also provides them with a great new spot to watch over their domain from. Having multiple levels allows cats to climb and jump while also providing compartments to hide or sleep inside. Some cat trees come with tubes for them to navigate through, attached scratching posts, and connected play balls for extra entertainment. Cat trees can come in different colors and sizes, with different bells and whistles, so anyone can find a cat tree that fits their own cat, and house, as well.


Catnip is a perennial herb in the mint family and is perfectly safe for your feline friend. A recent study by the American Chemical Society has found that the herb binds to receptors inside of the cats nose and produces a euphoric neurological response. Catnip is a plant that is pretty easy for people to grow at home and also has some medicinal uses on humans as well. While not all cats are affected by catnip, the response is usually opposite of the calming and sedative effects on humans. While the plant is safe for cats to use, in multi cat homes, it is best to introduce catnip to each cat separately because it can lead to aggressive behavior.

There are multiple ways to keep your indoor cat happy and keep things from getting dull. Variety is the spice of life, and for cats it is no different. From cat trees to window perches, seeing different views can be extremely entertaining for cats and allow them to see the world around them. Cat posts enable your cat to maintain comfortable nail length while also helping them keep their claw off of the sofa. Having a multitude of toys can keep things interesting and when they become bored with the toys, hiding the toys also brings new enjoyment from old things and also allows them to channel their animalistic nature.