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Human Food That is Toxic to Cats

Human Food That is Toxic to Cats

We all would like to think that our cats are just like us since they feel like our sidekicks. They’re a part of the family but, unfortunately, they can’t partake in everything the family does. There are quite a few human foods that are toxic to cats. Their bodies aren’t the same as ours which means they can’t digest or process the same foods, chemicals, nutrients, etc. in the same way a human body can. Here are a few foods you should be keeping away from your beloved kitty.

food toxic to cats


Although we as humans love our caffeine and can’t seem to live without our morning coffee, cats can’t handle it. This involves all forms of caffeine including coffee, tea, energy drinks, soda, coffee grounds, etc. Even one cup of coffee can really make a human giddy with a higher heartrate, and more. Can you imagine if a cat ingested even a small portion what it could do to their body? It can cause them to have rapid breathing, a rapid heartrate, seizures, hyperactivity, and more. All of these can turn out bad for your cat and should be addressed right away.


Of course, chocolate contains caffeine so, that’s already a strike against it for cats. However, there’s also a specific ingredient in chocolate called theobromine which is toxic to cats. The darker or more concentrated the chocolate, the higher dose of this ingredient there is.


It takes a very small amount of any type of alcohol for your cat to have a negative response. Cats don’t produce the same liver enzymes as humans which means they can’t process substances the same way. We all know alcohol is tough on the human liver but is much worse on a cat’s insides.


Many cats are lactose intolerant. Little bits of milk here and there are not a huge deal. However, if you give them a bowl of milk like the movies, you can cause your furry friend to vomit or have diarrhea. Both of these can quickly dehydrate your cat and lead to more severe issues.


Any of the plants found in the onion or garlic family can actually lead to anemia in cats. Of course, it takes a larger amount to cause severe issues. However, garlic and green onions in as little as one clove or stalk can cause anemia or major stomach upset in your furry friend.

Canned Tuna

Although there’s a common misconception with this, canned tuna meant for humans, even in small amounts, can cause digestive issues in cats. Out of all the human foods toxic to cats, this one catches people off guard the most. Tuna made specifically for cats is fine and shouldn’t cause any harm to your kitty. However, canned tuna for humans contains high levels of mercury and other chemicals which makes it difficult for a cat to digest. Steatitis is a condition that causes swelling of the body fat in a cat and this can be caused by tuna being fed to a cat on a consistent basis.


This is a common ingredient found in many sugar free foods. Gum is one of the popular foods it’s used in. However, it can be found in many kinds of peanut butter as well. It has been proven to cause major issues in dogs so, it’s been suggested to keep it away from cats. Thankfully, due to this warning, there has been no mishaps reported with xylitol harming a cat. Let’s keep it that way!

Raw Dough

Raw dough is another food toxic to cats, although it seems harmless enough, actually expands in a cat’s stomach. Not to mention the raw flour and eggs which can also be bad in themselves. The processes of digestion can actually turn raw dough into a type of alcohol in a cat’s stomach. As mentioned above, alcohol can cause a lot of adverse effects in a cat, including death.

Important Take Aways on Food Toxic to Cats

If your cat has consumed any of these listed above, it’s always a good idea to immediately call a vet. Many times, your pet will end up fine. However, it’s important to act quickly because you never know if the cat will react or not and it’s not worth chancing your cat’s life on guessing. There are other human foods toxic to cats however, this is the majority of them and you should be pretty set if you follow this basic list.