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Our Favorite Cat Grooming Tools

Our Favorite Cat Grooming Tools

While cats can do a pretty good job at keeping themselves clean, they will sometimes need your help to stay pristine.  Grooming your cat will assist in keeping their fur clean by helping to remove dirt, prevent knots or tangles, and aiding in the spread of their natural coat oils. Depending on the length of your cats hair will determine how often grooming should be done. Shorter haired cats will usually require a weekly brushing, while longer haired cats can require daily brushings. Proper grooming will also reduce the amount of hair your cat is ingesting and will greatly reduce hairballs, for which your pet will thoroughly thank you. There are a plethora of tools on the market but, here are some of our favorite cat grooming tools.

The SleekEZ

This is a very sleek, simple, and effective tool. The patented “wave” teeth design of the SleekEZ will help remove extra hair and dander from your pet without damaging or cutting the hair. Coming in multiple sizes, the SleekEZ can be used on a wide range of animals.

As a bonus, it can also be used to remove hair from things such as a couch or pet bedding. Do not let the look of the SleekEZ fool you, this grooming brush will amaze you with the amount of hair it will remove. The product is made in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty and a money back guarantee. My one downside to this tool is the sharp blade. Do not leave this out for kids, it does need to be handled with care as you could hurt yourself and your cat if not paying attention.

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Delomo Grooming Glove

 This grooming device works wonders, helping groom your cats while they think it is just another petting session! These gloves come one-size-fits-all and have an adjustable wrist strap that allows for a personalized fit. Made from an eco-friendly material that will not cause any damage to your cat’s skin. Using them is as simple as wearing the gloves while giving your animal a nice rub.

Clean up is a breeze and takes just mere seconds to remove the hair trapped between the silicone tips. The benefit of the animal enjoying the grooming session has helped the Delomo Grooming Glove make the list of our favorite grooming tools. What I like most about this one is it’s 100% safe no sharp points you need to worry about. Great for having kids get involved and help with the cat grooming!

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Furminator for Felines

This deshedding tool helps to remove all of the loose hair and the undercoat from your cat with it’s stainless steel edge. While this groomer is meant for 10+ pound cats, with hair over two inches long, Furminator has a large variety of grooming devices for all different sizes and hair lengths. It definitely didn’t work the greatest on my short hair cats, the SleekEZ worked much better on them.

The fur ejector button on the Furminator allows for a simple way to release the fur with ease and this helps with clean up and shortens the time necessary to fully groom your cat.

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Pat Your Pets – Safe Matting and Tangles Remover

Removing tangles and matting can be a real hassle but this two-sided undercoat rake has made life more simple. The side with nine teeth is meant for helping eliminate those pesky tangles and matting, while the side with seventeen teeth is meant for helping with thinning and deshedding. This tool has the undersides of the teeth rounded making sure that your pet is safe throughout the grooming process. Featuring no-rust stainless steel, this grooming utensil is durable and will be a staple in your pet grooming tools. It also has a soft, ergonomic grip that is anti-slip making the whole process easier on you.

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Burt’s Bees Cat Wipes

Made special just for cats, these wipes help to reduce dander and flaking from cats or kittens. Made from high quality ingredients that Burt’s Bees have become known for, these wipes contain aloe vera and oatmeal. They’re are great for helping to clean your cat between baths and assist in maintaining healthy skin. Veterinarian recommended, these wipes are one hundred percent safe for the kitties in your life.

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Each cat has different needs and may require different devices to help them maintain their beautiful and healthy coat.  Make sure to read the directions that come with your device to ensure that proper grooming is occuring. This will make sure that the devices do not irritate the skin of your cat which would be antithetical to the grooming process. Proper grooming will help maintain your cat’s health and allow you to spend more time with them and less time cleaning up after them.

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