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The Best Stink Busting Cat Litters

The Best Stink Busting Cat Litters

Cats are absolutely amazing however, their main pitfall is that they potty in the house, in a box, that we have to clean. This can cause the house to smell not so great and definitely doesn’t make things pleasant for the cat as they potty each time. Unfortunately, this is because people usually go for the cheapest litter possible and don’t realize all the work they’re giving themselves. Not to mention, all the terrible smells they’re putting themselves through for no reason.

Ever Clean Extra Strength

This is quite possibly the best odor controlling kitty litter you can buy. Not to mention, it lasts longer than most litter. If it’s being scooped on a daily basis, doing a full litter box change will be fewer and farther between. This litter is unscented which is especially great for kitties that are sensitive to scents. It’s important to note that scents added to litter are meant just for cats and are usually safe. However, some cats can have allergies that cause them to react to the scent in the litter. Some cats may not use a scented litter since it doesn’t smell more like dirt. It will all depend on your kitty.

Purina Tidy Cats Litter

Purina has a few variations in their Tidy Cats line. So far, I haven’t found one of them that wasn’t amazing. 24/7 is one of my personal favorites but, they also have Glade, Light Weight, Instant Action, etc. Most of these are clumping litters but, they do have a Tidy Cats non-clumping option if that’s what you desire. All of these are scented, as fat as I know, but all of them work wonders, especially if you have multiple cats.

Arm and Hammer Clump and Seal Slide

As you can tell, this is a clumping litter. However, baking soda has long been an ingredient for removing smells or reducing them. I remember my grandma keeping an open box of baking soda in the fridge to reduce any smells that might pop up. Arm and Hammer is a popular brand for baking soda and now they’ve made a litter that’s just as popular in a cat owner’s world. This is a good litter if you’re not the greatest at scooping the box every day.

Note this is the litter we use in our house and works so well with our Litter Robot!

Fresh Step Extreme

Fresh Step works in connection with Febreze with this amazing, odor-busting cat litter. It’s definitely scented with that fresh, classic, Febreze scent most of us know and love. As mentioned, scented litter can be bothersome to select cats. It’s always smart to observe your cat’s behavior with any new litter introduced to ensure it works for them. You must make sure to get the extreme kind for the best results. It’s low dust as well!

So Phresh Crystal Cat Litter

This cat litter doesn’t look like the classic cat litter everyone is used to. This cat litter is made from small crystal silica. It locks in odor and is virtually dust free. It’s light weight, scoopable, and comes in a pretty pink color. It’s important to note that most crystal cat litter isn’t scoopable but, this one is. That’s one of the bigger perks about this litter other than the amazing job it does to block odors.

Feline Pine

This litter is made out of pine shavings which makes it much different from the usual litter contents. It offers a nice fresh, pine smell, and soaks up cat urine smells extremely well. There’s absolutely no dust to deal with and has instant clumping. I wouldn’t advise it on carpets though as the pine shavings can easily embed if the shavings are flipped out of the box. If you have a covered box, then there’s usually no issue. However, I would advise this be used on hard floors if possible.

Naturally Fresh Walnut Based Litter

This litter is made out of walnuts and is virtually dust free. Not to mention, it’s 100% natural and environmentally friendly. This litter is extremely absorbent so, it knocks out odors with its naturally occurring smell. It’s also noted for its amazing ability to not stick to cat’s feet, so it won’t be tracked through the house.

There are tons of litter choices to choose from out there. However, these are some of my favorites that also have high reviews so, I know I’m not the only one who liked them. For more cat care tips read How to Get Rid of the Cat Smell in Your House.


There are tons of litter choices to choose from out there. However, these are some of my favorites that also have high reviews so, I know I’m not the only one who liked them.