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Quick and Simple Way to Make your Cat Raw Food

Quick and Simple Way to Make your Cat Raw Food

When you start to do your research of making your own raw food the feeling can be overwhelming. I knew it was the best for my cat but panic was setting in over buying livers and guts and grinding down bone. I was beyond relieved when I discovered EZ-Complete for cats. This let me just mix their powder with the fresh meat and that was it! The mix has everything your cat needs for a totally balanced meal.

What is EZ Complete?

EZ Complete takes the guess work out of making your cat homemade food. This powder mix lets you turn raw (or cooked meat) into balanced and complete homemade meals in one step! No worrying about fillers or artificial flavors plus this is packed with my favorite supplement to give, Omega 3 from Green-Lipped Mussels. EZ Complete is safe to feed for for all life stages of your cats life.

How to Make Raw Cat Food with EZ Complete

Gather Supplies

  • (1) package EZ Complete for Cats
  • Measuring Cups & Spoons
  • Kitchen Aid Mixer
  • Meat Grinding Attachment
  • (2lbs) Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs
  • Ball Wide Mouth Canning Jars

Set Up Mixer

With a KitchenAid mixer this is pretty straight forward. I simply unscrew the attachment cap and screw in my meat grinder attachment for the mixer. Make sure everything is nice and tight when assembled you don’t want anything falling off in this whole process.

Prep Your Meat

I try to make this as easy on me as possible so I spend a little more to get boneless and skinless chicken thighs at the market. This way when I get home I only have to dice the thighs up into chunk that will fit down into the meat grinder attachment. You could buy bone in thighs but you would need to remove the bone before grind.

There are two reasons for this one, EZComplete is meant to have the nutritional elements that cats would get from eating bone so you would be messing up the balance. The second reason is the KitchenAid is not meant to grind up bones and I would probably end up with a broken expensive mixer.

Time to Grind

When you are grind up your meat into the mixing bowl be sure to watch out for thieves. I normally get some extra furry friends in the kitchen trying to “help” with the cooking. I turned around for one second and caught this little stinker.

Note: it’s okay to give the treat of pure raw meat but this isn’t suitable as a complete meal for a cat. They need the vitamins and other goodies that are found in the EZ Complete mix.

Mix in the Good Stuff

In a separate mixing bowl I add in water to the mix and stir it all up nice and good. This stuff can be a mess. The powder is super fine and will go flying all over. For mixing I just follow the guidelines on the bag. I base everything off the weight on the sticker of the meat package. This is because we next normally have to throw any of it out it all gets mixed in. However, if we do I need to re weigh meat to ensure the calculations are correct. You do not want to over do this mix.

Serve or Freeze

If your cats are stealth hunters like mine you should have a full attentive audience by this point. Since I am sucker I let them lick the spoon and will normally serve them some fresh. Since I do big batches at a time I portion out the food to the max fill line in the Ball Canning Jars and pop them in the freezer. When I am running low on a jar I simply take one out and thaw in the fridge. I find it takes about two days in the fridge to lose all the frozen bits.

Overall Thoughts on EZ Complete

Since we started feeding raw food to our cats the transformation has been incredible. One of our very skinny cats bulked up and just about everyone has a much softer silkier coat. Now keep in mind we do not feed 100% raw yet we are still working towards that goal and have already seen stellar transformations in our cats.

Also remember for cats food changes are always best made slowly. Even if your cat is already eating raw! We made this mistake adding in a new meat type and not slowly introducing. If your cat is coming from dry or canned food this new food has less smell than other commercial foods, it has a different texture than most cats are used to eating, and a rapid transition can result in an upset stomach. AKA you don’t want to have to clean up someone throwing up their dinner 10 minutes after they ate it!

The easy recommendation is to slowly transition to food made with EZComplete by adding a little more of the new raw food while removing an equivalent amount of the old food. You continue to do this over several days until all you are feeding is the new diet. But it isn’t always this easy, you may need to experiment with texture, amount of moisture, and temperature.

The EASY WAY to make your own homemade raw food for your cat! #rawfeed #catfood #ezcomplete