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Weighing your Cat at Home Plus Easy Tracker

Weighing your Cat at Home Plus Easy Tracker

You may not realize it but your pet weight is a handy indication on how their health is. If you know their normal, or target weight, this can help you spot if you can is suddenly starting to gain weight or lose weight. Just like in humans any sudden changes is not a good signs and typically means it’s time to call up the vet and get things checked out.

Scales to Weigh your Cat

Baby Scale

Want to weigh your cat like the pros do? Next time you are at the vets office take a close look. A lot of times they are using a baby scale. Since we have two chronically ill cats we invested in getting a baby scale of our own for the house. 

It’s saving us on vet trips and giving us a more accurate number. As we are trying to help one of our cats regain weight it’s helpful to watch him gain week to week and in the case for us we need to look at the subtle oz we hope to get him to put on each week. 

If you are curious this is the exact scale we picked up. It really wasn’t that bad at less than $50 and has held up nicely even with frequent use.

Use a Luggage Scale

While we don’t recommend zipping your cat inside luggage we do know this scale can also work well with items like totes and reusable shopping bags. You will first want to make sure you have accounted for the weight of the item before adding your cat into the mix.

Your Human Scale

While your typical bathroom scale is notorious for being off in this case I would say some information is better than no information at all. To use this method you will need to prepare to do some simple math. 

You will want to start by weighing yourself on the scale first. Then you want to make note of your weight. Second you weigh yourself holding your cat. Then subtract the first from the second to get your cat’s total weight.

If you find holding your cat to be difficult or even a little dangerous not to worry. You can fall the same steps about with their cat carrier on the scale inside of you holding them!

Also, if you have a fancy app connected scale be sure to check out all it’s options. We noticed ours had a baby mode on it that will auto do the math we just talked about. 

Download Our FREE Printable Pet Weight Tracker

Of course, now that you are tracking on this helpful information you need a place to keep it. I have folder/binders for all of my cats with their medical records and information in them. Now that we have been keeping track of our cat’s weight we have added this printable tracker to it as well. It’s FREE and it’s simple to print and store with their medical information for the next trip we have to make to the vet.

Use the form above to get your FREE copy!