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Are Night Lights for Cats Necessary?

Are Night Lights for Cats Necessary?

Cat’s are legendary for their night vision so why would we ever think about having a night light for them. While cats have remarkably better vision than us they may sometimes enjoy having a nightlight. The short answer is that night lights aren’t necessary unless your house is in completely pitch black dark. Let’s dive into more on are night lights for cats even necessary.

Can Cats See in the Dark?

The short answer, yes! However, they can’t see in pure darkness. Now most of our houses have street lights outside, stove lights, and various other dim electronics around the house still illuminate the house slightly so that would not be the case.

One veterinarian went as far to prove that cats actually see better in the dark than they do during the day. In fact cats require just one-sixth the light we require to see. According to Veterinary Practice News the reasoning for cats stellar night vision boils down to two key things.

First, cats have a lot more rods in their eyes than we do. This allows them to detect much more light than we can. Second, cats have a layer of tissue at the back of their eyes called the tapetum lucidum. This special tissue reflects light within the eye and allows the cat another chance to “see” it. 

Why is My Cat Crying at Night?

You may find yourself here because you find your cat is crying or hallowing at night. Which we all know isn’t the best for human sleep. First off I want to say if this is a sudden change you cat has started then you will want to take your cat to vet to be checked out it could be due to an underlying medical condition. If you have your cat cleared medically here are some other cause of a restless cat at night.

Pent Up Energy

Cats believe it or not do need your attention and to make sure they get up and play during the day. Get out those wand toys and flick them around for your cat to chase. We have one cat that loves chasing pom poms when you throw them. Also I recommend a few good catnip infused toys for them to play with themselves during the day. Not sure where to start on the toy front? Our cats have been raving about our monthly KitNipBox!

Reasons you May Want a Night Light for Your Cat

Ease of Litter Box Use

Ever since they were kittens I have always had a night light by my cat’s litter box. It’s probably me just associating my own human behaviors on them. We keep nightlights in all the bathrooms to make finding the way in the middle of the night easier and I do the same for my cats too. A great feature of the Litter Robots we use is it actually has a built in blue nightlight for the cats.

Senior Cats

Just like humans when your cats get older their bodies don’t work as sharply as when they were younger. Some cats can lose their vision as they get older or even develop dementia. In both of these cases an extra night light or two around the house can help. It gives them a boost of help in seeing and can alleviate some of the confusion.

Purrfect Cat Themed Night Lights

So if you are going to opt for some night lights around your house for your cat they should have some cat pizzaz don’t ya think? Here are some of our favorite cat night lights!

Cat Lovers Acylic Night Light

This personalized night light is laser engraved so you never have to worry about peeling or fading. Each one is made to order and engraved on clear acrylic. Plus a portion of the proceeds are donated to cancer research! An added perk of buying from this small business.

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Personalized Cat Night Light

This beautiful illuminating night light can be personalized in any font or design. These night lights are laser engraved and are there forever so you never have to worry about peeling or fading away. Your night light comes with 7 color options which can be changed with just a push of a button. There is also a setting option for a hands-free alternation of colors.

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So that is a little insight to our thoughts on nightlights fo cats. Even though they are not necessary we have them around the house for both the cats and humans living here. Let us know in the comment section below if you have nightlights for your cats!

Do you know if your cat needs a nightlight? Here is the scoop on nightlights for cats.


Tuesday 26th of July 2022

We were sleeping with a light on because I was afraid my ckd cat couldn't see her fountain at night. Then I read that cats need to sleep in the dark, so I turned on 2 nightlights last night. I'm still concerned she may not see it because of her cataracts, but I can't find the answer on the internet.

Robin Griffin

Friday 29th of July 2022

Highly recommend taking her into the vet, its the only way you will get a clear answer on how well she can see and the best ways tot support her.