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KitNipBox Review – a Cat Subscription Box

KitNipBox Review – a Cat Subscription Box

Like accessories one never has too many cat toys right? Play is such an important part of my cats’ life. If we don’t take the time to keep them entertained and wear them out with a bit of play then we enviably end up play for it with some crazy cats at night. I had been curious to see what all the rage was about with these monthly cat subscription boxes so I went for it and ordered the multi cat Kitnipbox.

What is a KitNipBox?

KitNipBox is a cat’s best friend! Each month, our team scours the world for the most amazing cat toys, treats, accessories, and other goodies. The KitNipBox of CMO (Chief Meow Officer), Sylvester, the black cat, and his team of kitty product connoisseurs personally try the items to ensure their absolute purr-fection for kitties everywhere. He then creates a box of unique items and ship it to your doorstep. Purrs all around!

Another thing I love about this subscription box is KitNipBox supports animal welfare organizations nationwide. Each month, we donate a portion of our proceeds and/or products to shelters, rescues, TNR efforts, and a variety of other feline welfare causes.

How Much is a KitNipBox?

This depends on the level of box you decide to subscribe to. I love they keep it simple though with only two tier options.

Happy Cat KitNipBox

  • $19.99/month, including free shipping
  • Each box includes 4 or more goodies
  • If you are a household with one cat, this is your ideal box size.
  • Box can be customized to opt out of treats and get an extra toy instead.

Multi-Cat KitNipBox

  • $29.99/month, including free shipping
  • Every box includes 6 or more goodies
  • Perfect for households with two or more cats, or just one extra pampered kitty
  • Box can be customized to opt out of treats and get an extra toy instead.

What was Inside July 2020 KitNipBox

Each one of the boxes contain the best high-quality cat toys, all-natural treats, and other fun, healthy cat products. I also liked that these toys were all different. None of them looked like anything I had seen any pet store before. I did a quick search online and it didn’t look like outside of the treats these were items I could order.

LEAP Asp Wand

Throughout Ancient Egypt the Asp was a symboll of royalty. This adorable wand toy is a lot less serious! Your chowder will remember it instead for its squishy plush head and the fun jingling sound of the hidden bell inside.

($7.00 Value)

Paws ‘N Purrs All Catnip Rainbow

The rainbow is a natural phenomenon noted for its beauty and mystical appearance. It has been a favorite component of mythology throughout history. The appeal of this rainbow is really that it is packed with 100% North American grown catnip.

(Value $5.00)

All for Paws Crinkle Royal Black Sphynx Toss Toy

Our tuxedo cat went right to the box and instantly grabbed this toy out so needless to say this is yet another win. The story of black cats being good luck is believed to have begun in Ancient Egypt with the sacred Bastet, a goddess who was depicted as a cat and was the protector of Egypt! This paw sized version is stuff and has some catnip too!.

(Value $5.00)

Safemade All Catnip Hieoglyphics Kicker

Your fuzz kids will be enamored once they get their furry paws on this 100% Californian catnip filled kicker! The added crinkle makes this toy an extra hit.

(Value $5.00)

Queen Pyramid Pillow

Sized perfectly for little paws this 3D pyramid will bring your fur babies back in time! I first thought this was way too big as a cat toy but one of our smallest cat instantly took to this and pushed it around the floor and decided to settle of cuddling with it.

(Value $5.00)

Playful Pet Crinkle Crunch Sarcophagus

An archeologist’s dream, this digitally designed toy spares no detail. Crunchy sounds and plush filling make for happy cats any hour of the day.

(Value $5.00)

PureBites Brand Freeze Dried Tuna Treats

These delectable treats are made from real deboned Tuna to appeal to your cats taste buds. While we opted out of getting treats in our box due to food allergies this is actually a treat we feed. It’s pure high quality protein the perfect option to go with if you have an allergies or other food issues.

(Value $4.00)

How Does the KitNipBox Stack Against the Competition?

If you are between cat subscription boxes you may be wondering just how does the KitNipBox compare to the rest.


  • All the treats included in this box are made here in North America.
  • The box gives back to charity initiatives.
  • There are no repeats of box items, every month you will get all new toys.
  • Cancel anytime, right from your account online or over the phone.
  • It’s a cheaper starting point compared to Meowbox, Surprise My Pet, Rescuebox, and CuddleCrate.


  • You can’t customize the frequency of the box.
  • Can’t buy boxes that were released in past months.
  • No repeat customer discount or discount for buy more than one month upfront.

Verdict on KitNipBox

This is our FIRST ever subscription box. I guess I am not surprised that I picked to spoil my cats instead of myself. I was skeptical if the cats would really like anything that came in the box. But I have been amazed that everything right now to the box it was shipped in has been a hot it with my cats. I must say the overwhelming smell of catnip probably helps boosts it appeal factor.

My main goal in getting this was to keep up with engaging cats and having play time. Our cats are getting older and I noticed we were so busy with our day jobs they weren’t giving the cats much attention. So this new cat subscription box was in effort to help start the cycle of pay time.

Value wise we paid a $30 for the box and got more than a $37. I actually suspect it’s a bit more since we swapped the treats for an extra toy in our box.

Where to Subscribe to KitNipBox

So you can subscribe directly on their site here. Or you can sign up via Amazon and manage your subscription there.

I had been curious to see what all the rage was about with these monthly cat subscription boxes so I went for it and ordered the multi cat Kitnipbox.