Some cats are just chewers and I have two of them! Not surprisinly they are both from the same litter and they just love to naw on things even though they are 5 years old we still buy kitten chew toys for them (this pretzel chew toy is a lifesaver).

Always on a quest for new entertaining chew toys for my boys I stumbled across the popular Silvervine sticks for cats and found it was the ultimate cat chew toy.

Note: A pack of Silvervine sticks for cats was sent to us complements of Raw Paws Pet food for review.

What is Silvervine stick?

Matatabi Silvervine catnip sticks are harvested from the silvervine plant, also known as matatabi, native to the dense mountainous jungles of East Asia. So they are indeed a stick just like you would find off a tree in your backyard. Of course, I don’t recommend just grabbing any old plant from your backyard these are from specific plant that is safe for cats.

Traditional catnip only has one cat attractant, matatabi silvervine has two, making matatabi catnip sticks twice as potent! The Silvervine sticks have an added health benefit by improving dental health with scraping away plaque and tartar build-up on teeth. Which is a great tool if you are unable to brush your cats teeth. Dental issue can really get serious has your cat gets older.

Since these are free from preservatives and additives, these catnip sticks are fully cat digestible.

Are Silvervine sticks safe for cats?

Containing no addictive or harmful properties, they are completely safe for kittens and cats of all ages, breeds, and sizes. If you cat chews on them or eats away at the stick you don’t have to worry like with cloth or plastic cat toys.

What does Silvervine do to cats?

When you give one of these sticks to your cat prepare for a purring, rolling, playful cat! When eaten, silvervine acts as a sedative helping to relieve stress and anxiety.

When smelled by your cat it acts as a stimulant promoting playful activity. I have seen some wild chasing from my Stage 4 kidney failure cat and these sticks. It’s like she is a young kitten again. Some studies on Silvervine have shown that cats played with these sticks 2.5 times LONGER than regular catnip toys for cats!

Catnip also acts as a carminative, helping to remove air in the intestines, helping to relieve digestive issues like constipation, flatulence, and inflammation.

Where to Buy Silvervine Sticks for Cats

There are endless amounts of spots you can purchase these Silvervine sticks for cats but we love the ones we got from Raw Paws Pet Food. Instantly when you open the bag you can tell they are so much more pungent than the others generic sticks we have gotten off of Amazon. As soon as the cats get a whiff they start going crazy for them.

Another added bonus to shopping with Raw Paws is they have a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. If you’re not completely satisfied with our cat teeth cleaning treats made from Silvervines for cats, they will provide a Full Refund. Guaranteed. No questions asked.

If you buy direct from Raw Paws I got a special discount just for you my readers! Use code CATLADY15 and get 15% off your order! But if you want they also have these cat sticks available on Amazon.

Shop Raw Paws Shop Amazon

Finally a cat chew toy that my cats don't destroy in a day! Always on a quest for new entertaining chew toys for my boys I stumbled across the popular Silvervine sticks for cats and found it was the ultimate cat chew toy.

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