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15 Inspiring Ways to Thank Your Veterinarian

15 Inspiring Ways to Thank Your Veterinarian

With the lockdown I think it has encouraged us all the be creative in new ways. We just had to have our cat hospitalized for an IV treatment for his worsening Kidney failure. If that wasn’t a hard enough pill to swallow we also told we couldn’t visit our little guy at all. So we were on full reliance of the staff for updates and show our boy love and cuddles while he was in the hospital.

Of course, the team was amazing they sent us picture updates and would let us know he was eating, using his box and any other important updates. One of the techs was so upset he had to go home she was proud to not only receive his loving head butts but his love nibbles. My mouth dropped to the floor because those nibbles are more like chomps and they drive us nuts when he pinches us.

So this long winded story comes up to share why I even bothered to set out to find some awesome gift ideas for our cat’s veterinary team.

Veterinarian Gift Ideas

Here is a roundup of some gift ideas for your veterinarian and vet technicians. Some of these are things we have personally gifted but I also enlisted the help of some vet techs to hear what they appreciated receiving.

It was surprising to hear how much they are starving but also how much they loved to hear when you knew their name. So you don’t have to be super fancy just knowing you’re appreciated really goes a long way.

Free Lunch

If you want to go for a home run hit then try sending in lunch to the veterinarian’s office. This could be as simple as sending over a few boxes of pizza. You could also consider catering, a sub platter or even an Uber Eats gift card so they can get the delivery of their choice. I recommend calling ahead and give your vet’s office a heads up that some free lunch will be arriving.

Edible Arrangements

It’s beautiful and delicious. This option is a healthy snack that the entire office can enjoy. Plus if anyone has a special diet or allergies fruit tends to be a pretty safe option for all to enjoy.

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Home Baked Goodies

You just paid a giant vet bill you may not be ready to shell out some more money. Good news one of the top items I heard back was home baked goodies straight from your kitchen. This includes but is not limited to: bread, muffins, cookies, cakes, brownies, cupcakes, no bake oatmeal cookies, puppy chow and more! Breaking out that baked treat you are known for will show them just how much you care!

Coffee aka Vet Fuel

I know my day doesn’t get going until after my first cup of coffee. Bringing in the office a couple of boxes of donuts and a Box of Joe from Dunkin’s is always a win.

After my cat’s stay in the hospital I went with a cute custom Starbucks tumbler paired with a Starbucks gift card for each of his techs and the vet herself. Plus I added a note just thanking them for the extra mile they went for our sweet troublemaker. For the rest of the office I didn’t want to leave them out so I sent a big bag of candy and mixed snack bags that I was able to pick up at BJ’s Wholesale Club.

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A Donation on Their Behalf

Some veterinarians work with certain charities a lot of times they work with local rescue organizations. Instead of giving a gift you could always opt to make a donation in their name. If you are unsure if they are associated with any charities check their website, look for any postings in the office lobby or you could always call and find out.


Sending a pretty bouquet of flowers always makes someone feel special. It’s a great reminder when you send someone flowers that they are important to you. Plus the flowers can be put on display for everyone to enjoy in the office. It could even bring cheer to another patron that is having a rough day with their sick pet.

Gift Cards

If you want to let you vet do the deciding a gift card is a great direction to go in. When you do it this way you don’t have to worry about any unknowns. Like allergies, favorite food and other preferences. Gift cards offer up lots of flexibility.

Contribute to Angel Fund

Did you know that some veterinarians have what is called an Angel Fund? It’s to help out pet parents who need some assistance with bills. Sometimes treatments are so costly people simply can’t afford the care their pet needs. These Angel Funds that some places set up can help in these tough times of need.

Hand Written Note

Really the most thoughtful gifts are the ones straight from the heart. Most of us get caught up in our everyday lives and don’t stop and appreciate those in our lives that mean so much. A handwritten note can really say and mean so much.

It could be fun to position the note has coming directly from your fur baby or you can thank them just as you!

Give Them a Review

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to share with others just how amazing your veterinary office is. Do drop names and do talk about a special moment that made you realize how much they go the extra mile and care about your fur baby.

You can often leave reviews directly on their website, Facebook, Nextdoor, and Google just to name a few. The more places you can leave a good word the better.

Personalized Stethoscope Name Tags

These names tags are a great addition to spruce up a doctor’s stethoscope. They are simple little accessories that attach around the tubing. There are so many options out there. The name tags can include monograms, pet paws, or other small designs.

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Snack Basket

I was absolutely floored at how many of the vet techs I spoke with sounded starved. It seems once their day at the office gets going things get so crazy stopping and taking a break for lunch sometimes doesn’t even happen. With time so limited it seemed like a basket of grab and go snacks where a big hit. This can be pre packaged cookies, granola bars, crackers and more!

Embroidered Tote Bag

Everyone always needs a good work by why not have it personalized with your name! You could even fill the tote bag with lots of snacks to the entire office a two in one gift!

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This concludes our list of recommendation on ways to thank your veterinarian. It seems like the common theme is food so when it doubt this is the option I would always fall back on. Please feel free to share in the comments the special ways you have thanked your vet.