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Custom Cat Shelves to Satisfy Your Cat

Custom Cat Shelves to Satisfy Your Cat

If you’re on the prowl for some custom cat shelves to satisfy your cat, boy have I got an exciting list for you! All cats love being up high as it allows them to see over their “domain” and feel in control. We all know cats love being the ruler of the roost, and cat shelves only help satisfy this draw in kitties. Here are a few of my favorite cat shelf ideas!

Climb Track Cat Tree Shelves

This cat shelf is easily customizable to make any twists or turns you need. It also couples as a small cat tree or scratching post! Go up and down, diagonal, across, however you want to place it. Your cat will love the adventure they get to have zipping through the house along the wall and above people.

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Cat Bridge Shelf

This cat shelf is pretty neat and actually adds a cute piece of decor to the wall or area it’s placed in. In between the shelves is a hanging bridge made of wood that allows another aspect of fun for your kitty friends. Customize it by buying multiple shelves and making it go up the wall, straight across, lead it to your cat tree, etc. 

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Gabby Cat Perch

If you want cat shelves to satisfy your cat that are also comfy, these perches are the perfect go-to item! The price isn’t astronomical like some custom shelves and offers a nice carpeted look instead of plain wood like many other shelf options. What’s great about this option is that it also has a cubby and hammock option the cat can use without taking up floor or room space with a cat tree. 

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Wall Mounted Cat Perch

This cat shelf will add a gorgeous splash of color to your home while providing a shelf that’s for your kitty and not knick knacks. Customize it by getting the color that will match your decor. This way, it fits in flawlessly. 

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Floating Cat Wall Stairs

This setup is entirely customizable with lots of options for colors and design. Make whatever shape you desire and lead your cat throughout your house with these shelves that resemble stair steps. You can even get a small cat bed your furry friend can climb to if they desire to be up high. It matches the designs you choose for the steps making it one cohesive set. The green was a personal favorite of mine!

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Cat Canopy Shelves

These shelves come with fake grass and a higher side than most shelves. It resembles a tree limb, which many cats love lounging on. Buy multiple and customize your own little path for your kitty! You can also get THIS shelf or even THIS shelf, which have bigger greenery attached, but are similar shelves. They offer different shelf shapes in those options, which is nice for a customized look. 

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Staggered Pipe Floating Wall Shelf

Give your cat the adventure and fun they desire while also adding a gorgeous modern looking piece to your home! This piece has galvanized looking pipes along with dark colored, wood shelves that go up the wall instead of across. Get more than one piece and turn it into your own tower for your kitty. 

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Cat Wall Steps

Ok, so Etsy is probably one of the most fun places to shop for custom cat shelves. These cat wall steps can be made into any wood look you could ever desire. They’re made with some galvanized looking pipes and you can order the various pieces offered to make your own design! It’s easy to imagine the pieces with the gorgeous photos of various setups they provide for inspiration. I really like this Hexagon Cat Shelf and this Cat Gym that has shelves leading to a fun cat maze/gym on your ceiling! So imaginative and, I’m sure, a blast for those kitties who are adventurous! 

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Cat Shelf Bed

If you’ve ever seen those pictures of what cats look like underneath when lying down, you’ll love this cat shelf. It has a clear bowl bed for them on one of the shelves. This is great because cats love lounging up high. However, it’s a plus for you too because you’ll get to see what your kitties look like underneath and get all the photos you desire. There are other pieces that can come with this cat shelf, so make it your own! 

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Cat Feeder Shelf

This cat shelf mod from Petco allows you to add a shelf with a spot for water and food. In other words, you don’t have to take up floor space with your kitty’s dishes anymore! This is only one of the mods available with this cat shelf system. There are plenty of other pieces to choose from to make your own custom kitty paradise. One of my favorites is this piece that allows your kitty to crawl through the hole to lower levels if desired. 

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Hexagon Wood Cat Shelves

This is probably one of my favorites as it’s hexagon boxes that almost look like honeycomb when pieced together. You can choose from various colors, how many hexagons you want, if you want a plexiglass front on the boxes, etc. Definitely a gorgeous piece to add to your home while giving your kitty a fun toy!

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I absolutely love these cat shelves and have searched often just sifting through all the ideas. So, if you’re like me and have searched for custom cat shelves to satisfy your cat, share the ideas you’ve run across with me, in the comments below or on social media! 

If you’re on the prowl for some custom cat shelves to satisfy your cat, boy have I got an exciting list for you! All cats love being up high as it allows them to see over their “domain” and feel in control.