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Crazy Cat Trees You Can Buy!

Crazy Cat Trees You Can Buy!

Cats thrive when they are perched up high and supervising their territory. This is why it’s always a good idea to provide you cat with some sort of cat tree. Now, if you like to go above and beyond you probably are going to want to spoil your cat with one of they crazy cat trees!

If you’re looking for a crazy cat tree to appease the furry child you have in your house, you’re going to love this list. Not only are these options great for the kitty in your life, but they’re a great look for the home as well. I, personally, wish I could get every single one of them, but budgets are a bur.

Buckingham Palace Cat Tree

Yes, you read that correctly. This cat tree looks similar to Buckingham Palace and is huge! Of course, the price tag matches the fanciness of this crazy cat tree, which makes it a little impractical. You will also need a big space in order to house this monstrosity, but your cats would absolutely be head over heels in love with it. I know I’m in love with it just seeing it on the screen! Shhh, I’m not showing my kitties though, because I don’t have room for it!

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Forest Cat Tree

If you want your kitty to play in what looks like a jungle or forest, this is the kitty tree for you. It’s seriously one of the prettiest cat trees I’ve ever seen. It makes a stellar statement piece in your home, while also spoiling your fur babies. It’s a win/win!

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Cat Tree Condo

Give your cat a giant tree to make their own territory. Your fur baby will never get bored with this elaborate play tree. Plenty of planks for them to climb, cubbies for them to hide in, hammocks to sleep in, and plenty more. Just like the palace tree, you’ll need a pretty big space for this cat tree. Especially amazing for homes with multiple cats. My friend has 15 rescues and she had this tree. It took up an entire wall of their large living room. It was perfect for her clan though. This would be awesome for a rescue with room to work with as well!

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Tree Shaped Cat Tree

Take the term “cat tree” literally and grab your cat this play tower that actually looks just like a tree! Let your cat feel like a true jungle cat or give them the feeling of being outside while climbing up this tree! This option isn’t as big as some of the other trees I’ve listed, but not everyone has a ton of room for a cat tree. There’s this Cat Tree (literally) from Amazon I found fascinating as well. It looks more like a tree than the others. It has more leaves to allow the cats to hide and have more to play with.

Shop Tree Stump Cat Tree

Feline Chateau Cat Scratcher

Get this fancy cat toy that doubles as a small cat tree! A fancy house shape, this piece will definitely get noticed by anyone visiting your house. Your cats will love this small tower that allows them to enjoy their play in a regal setting. 

Shop the Chateau

Adjustable Cat Condo

This cat tree is in the lower bracket when it comes to pricing, unlike many other cat trees. It’s also easily adjusted to fit into any space while still giving your kitty plenty of room to play. It’s a touch flimsier than other cat trees, but should hold up just fine to an average sized cat. What’s neat about this cat tree is that you’re able to buy pieces to add to it to make it bigger if desired. It’s very similar to this Catville Tower, but smaller. 

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Modern Cat Tree

If you want a kitty condo that screams style and modern trends, this is the tree for your home. It’s got a stylish swoop to it at the top and is made with real wood. It’s a gorgeous dark and broody color, which makes it perfect for a cat tree that has to go in the living room or an office.

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Bookcase Cat Tree

Ok, this isn’t exactly what it’s called, but it should be! This is another modern piece that provides a couple small shelves for your items, while also providing a box and tower for your cat to enjoy. So, instead of the cat crawling onthe bookcase, they can crawl around in it while your books stay safe. A nice 2-in-1 idea! 

Shop Bookcase Cat Tree

Kitty Kase Cat Tower

Imagine having a cat tree that looks like an extra wall, room, or pantry in your house? It’s pretty and doesn’t look like a cat tree at all! Well, this kitty kase is just that! You can get it in a nice modern grey or espresso color, whichever one will match your decor. It’s called a kitty case because instead of crawling on it, kitties crawl inside it and have a player area inside! No worries about having a hard time cleaning it up. You can easily open up the sides and have total access to every crook and cranny. 

Outdoor Cat Tree Home

If you have kitties that like to go outdoor and would love to have a tree in your backyard for them, here ya go! This little cat home is adorable decoration for a yard and works perfectly as a cat tree as well. It also allows your kitty some protection from the elements if need be. The perfect little playground with multiple uses! 

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So, I listed some of my favorites here and I know there are a ton more across the internet. If you have other insane/fancy cat trees you’ve run across, I would love to see them! Feel free to share that crazy cat tree with me here or on social media!