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10 Cat Toys My Cats Actually Play With

10 Cat Toys My Cats Actually Play With

Any cat parent know pleasing your feline can be a battle all on its own. Cat’s are finicky creatures and have unique personalities. So naturally finding a toy that will actually entertain them can be a task and cost you some money. In order to help guide you in the right direction here are tried and true cat toy winners in our household, the toys my cats actually play with.

The Best Cats Toys

Pom Pom Balls

Sparkly pom pom balls are begged for from my big old tabby cat. We bring these our sparingly because Joplin likes to shout to the entire house that his has once again been united with his favorite toy again. Which a cat crying at the top of his lungs is not enjoyable to us humans. It gives him so much joy we often treat it on our way out. Our other cats will quietly pay with pom pom ball, happily batting it about the house and under furniture.

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Laser Pointer

Easy, simple and hours of entertainment. Just like when a fly sneaks into your house and you find your cat spending hours hunting it down. My husband loves seeing just how high he can get them to jump up the wall, it becomes a competition amongst the cats.

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The Flying Butterfly

I wasn’t sure how this would go over because some of my guys get all squirrelly over unknown things that move. It always surprises me when they get chicken. Well this spinning, jiggling butterfly toy for cats is a hit. So much of hit I have had to replace it more than once. Some overzealous cat has completely ripped the butterfly off of the wire… on multiple occasions… so it can no longer be repaired.

Turbo Scratcher

When I was first was recommended this toy I though no way. However, it has supplied hours of cat-er-tainment in this household. The simple ball spinning circle fascinates these cats. They will scratch the center or just lay on it and spin the ball around until it hits them.

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Catnip Bubbles

This is a great way to entertain your kids and cats! Though I will warn you one of our chickens isn’t brave enough to come out and play with these, everyone else finds it a smash hit.

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Hair Ties

Yup, I am talking the human hair ties. I go for the thicker ones that are a bigger size. We found this one by accident. I left my hair ties out on the counter next thing I know Mr. Gray is trotting around the house playing with them. Oops, lesson learned. When we want to get a run in with the cats we will fling them across the house for them to chase. If Mr. Gray is in the mood he will even bring it back to us so we keep playing with him.

Crinkle Balls

These are traditionally called mylar balls but they look like a wad of crinkle paper. I have one cat that comes flying at the sound of this crunchy crinkle. Best of all it can keep him entertained for ages.

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Wooden Cat Sticks

We get these as a chew toy for the cats. It’s a great way for them to polish up their teeth. Plus it lets them chew on something appropriate instead of something in your house you cherish.


I think the biggest takeaway is to remember every cat is different. What some cats loves others may hate. Another important key I have learned over the years is that cats do not like big toys. Keep the size down to the size of a field mouse or smaller. Your cat wants to be able to carry the item around and you just may find them presenting it to you as a present.