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The Cat Loaf, Do You Have One?

The Cat Loaf, Do You Have One?

What is a Cat Loaf?

First off if you have never heard of this term before you may be wondering just what is a cat loaf? Well it’s a term people use when you cat is sitting all tucked in and looks like a loaf of bread. Typically this mean they are sitting on top of their paws and tail. It’s a pretty common pose and you have probably seen your cat sitting like this before.

This pose is adorable and has captivated cat lovers everywhere. You can tell just from the popularity of #catloaf, #catbread and #mykittyloaf over on Instagram.

Examples of Cat Loafs

Here is a look of some our favorite cat loafs the internet had to offer.

Momma Loaf and a Baby Loaf

Grumpy Bread

Cat Wearing Bread

Fluffy Cat Bread

Double Trouble Cat Loafs

What Does This Mean?

Should you be worried if you find your cat in the cat loaf pose? Nope. Cats commonly sit or sleep like this. It’s a pretty relaxed pose for them while we humans might find it impossible to ever attempt to sit that way.

How can we spot that the cat is relaxed? Nothing about this pose puts them in the attack mode. They can’t really defend themselves when sitting like this and they aren’t positioned to be at the ready to run away either. So consider your cat happy and content if you spot them in this pose.

Why do Cats Sit Like Loaves of Bread?

Turns out that yet again cats are very crafty creatures. Did you know that cats have a much higher body temperature to maintain than us? So naturally this means in our nice cool homes they have to work a little harder to keep that body heat.

While snuggling in your laundry, and catching some rays of sun proves effect so does tucking in your paws too! This helps hold in the heat and keep them toasty!

In Conclusion

Odds are if you are a cat owner, whether it be kitten or adult, you are going to spot your cat sitting like this.

Do you have a cat loaf at home?