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CBD Treats for Cats

CBD Treats for Cats

Interested in giving your cat CBD but not sure how to give your fussy cat CBD? This is where CBD treats for cats come into the picture. Treats are always a great way to sneak in medicine to your cat without it being a struggle. Why stress a cat (and yourself for that matter) when he or she already doesn’t feel well? We gave our boy with kidney disease CBD for over a year but at the end getting him to take it became harder and this is is where the treat creativity came into play!

Why Give your Cat CBD Treats

CBD for cats has many wonderful benefits. The CBD works within your cat’s system to regulate many important functions and maintain a natural balance internally. Some of the functions that get balanced include mood response, stress levels, pain response, inflammatory response, joint mobility, skin conditions, and others.

This is why many look to use CBD on their cats who have been diagnosed with kidney disease, arthritis, anxiety, allergies, minor skin conditions, stimulate appetite, and so much more!

How Many CBD Treats Should I Give My Cat?

It’s important to check the dosage of the specific treat you are giving your cat. Every brand will be different. The brand we recommend has 2mg of CBD each treat.

As a general guideline to give your cat 2 treats (4mg of CBD) for every 8-10lbs of body weight every day and to split up into 2 separate doses if possible. Give 1 treat in the morning and 1 treat at night or 1 treat every 8-12 hours as needed.

I also recommend if this the first time your cat is getting CBD to start slowly and increase the dose until you get to the recommended amount. So to begin I would cut the dose in half and every couple of days you could increase. CBD builds up in your system over time as well so note that it could take a couple of weeks for your cat to get the full affect.

What to Look For in a CBD Treats for your Cat

First and foremost with CBD you want to check the quality analysis report. This lets you know how pure the product is and if it has lots of impurities. Did you know that plant CBD comes from is a great soil purifier? This means that if there is toxic stuff in the soil it gets absorbed and into the CBD. Hence why you always want to see the quality analysis report.

For any CBD product you are giving your cat you want to make sure there is NO THC in it. THC is harmful to cats and should never be given.

Where to Buy CBD Treats for Cats

There are many great companies out there that have come up with a magical tasty mix for your cat. Here are a couple of companies we found with good CBD treats for cats.

Holista Pet

Not only does Holista Pet offer an option of CBD oil but they also have pre-made cat treats as well. Their treats come in a yummy salmon flavor! Disguising the CBD and makes the crunchy little bites irresistible. Best of all this companies treats contain only the finest natural ingredients. They never use any animal by-products meals, corn, wheat or artificial preservatives. Plus they also completely avoid any artificial colors or flavors. 

Shop CBD Cat Treats

CBD Treats for Cats on Amazon

Who doesn’t love the speed and ease of ordering from Amazon? But this is one time that you probably want to avoid buying something from Amazon. Amazon has a strict policy that doesn’t not allow the sale of CBD. The ban on CBD has led a lot of sellers to get creative. Some sellers found ways to circumvent the policy or even take the ingredient off of their labels.

Given these current rules I would avoid getting any CBD treats for cats on Amazon.

Conclusion on CBD Cat Treats

We have had lots of luck in helping our cat with kidney disease. It helped him eat more and stay pain free while battling the disease. The treat form of CBD allows you to make “medicine time” less of a battle and an enjoyable thing for both you and your cat.

Let us know if you have used CBD for your cat in the comments below! Did you find it helped your cat? We want to hear your stories.