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Best Top Entry Litter Box for Cats

Best Top Entry Litter Box for Cats

It’s insane how many cat box options there are out there, but a top entry litter box is one of the best. If you’ve never heard of these before, it’s where the cats enter a large hole in the top of the box instead of in the front. There are multiple reasons why top entry boxes are a great choice and those reasons benefit you and your cat. 

Why Go Top Entry?

I just mentioned that there are a few reasons a top entry litter box is a great idea. Let’s start with how it’s beneficial for you, the owner. Top entry boxes are beneficial for cat owners because they drastically cut down on litter tracking. Many cats will jump out of their box quickly or get litter stuck to their paws, which results in litter flying everywhere. Then, it gets tracked to all areas of the house once it’s thrown out of the box. It’s not a fun mess to clean up. 

You know how little kids and dogs find the litter box a fascinating place to play and find snacks? Top entry boxes get rid of this issue, which means you no longer have to police the litter box for all hours of the day. Further, let’s be real, no matter what you do, cat boxes are going to stink. With this style of box, the smell is kept inside the box, with very little, if any at all, escaping the box. 

I think one of the best aspects of this type of litter box is how much nicer they look. I mean, open litter boxes, even the kind with a lid, just aren’t very visually appealing. Everyone knows what happens in those and who wants to see gross poop sitting in litter when visiting a home? I mean, you don’t want to see your own cat’s poop either. Top entry litter boxes are visually appealing and effectively hide what their actual job is. Of course, cat owners are going to know, but it still looks like a piece of furniture more than a cat box and that’s a huge plus. It’s especially nice for smaller places like apartments.

Why Cats Prefer Top Entry

Cat’s often are private animals and enjoy some privacy when going potty. In fact, many cats won’t use a box if it’s out in the open or not private enough. This results in a cat going anywhere but the cat box, and that’s ideal for anyone. A top entry allows cats to be hidden from any viewers no matter where the box is located in the house. Outside of this, where the cat is concerned, it’s just a comfy litter box, if the right one is chosen. If your cat prefers cubby style spots to sleep in, this litter box will be super comfortable and inviting to them.

What if Your Cat Won’t Use a Top Entry Litter Box?

There are a few reasons why a cat might not use a top entry box. Since the box contains the smell more, cats may be sensitive to the smell and not like it. It’s important to keep these boxes very clean or your cat may choose the floor over their stinky box. Cats also aren’t keen on being in smaller, tight spaces. This style of litter box can sometimes leave the cat feeling trapped, which makes their flight response kick in. Lastly, if you have an older, injured, or heavier cat that can’t jump well, getting in and out of the box may be a challenge for them. This may cause them to ignore the box altogether. 

If you’ve made the switch and your cat just won’t use the box, there are a couple of things you can try to change that. Use a top entry box that has a removable top. Keep the top off so there’s a larger hole in the top of the box. This may make your cat more comfortable in approaching the box and getting inside. Once they’ve grown accustomed to it, put the top back on and see if they start using the smaller hole. You can also give your cat a day or two to get used to the smell and presence of the box, while their old box sits right next to it. Once they’re used to it, you can gently set them on or in the box (on is better) and help them see it’s safe. 

It’s important you don’t rush your cat and freak it out further. Cats are very sensitive to smell and changes. They often just need a little time to adjust to new things. Some cats will just jump right in and not give a flip. However, it’s more common for cats to be leary and cautious of a new item, and that’s ok. Give them time, and while you’re waiting for them to grow accustomed to it, leave the old box in place. This will alleviate any potty issues occuring outside the box, which only causes more stress on both you and the cat. 

Best Top Entry Litter Box for Cats Users Rave Over:


What we like about this model is the lid does double duty. It keeps your cat’s business (and smell) out of sight, and is also textured to help trap any spilled litter as your kitty jumps out.

When it comes time to scoop, just lift up the lid for easy cleanup. Plus, the enclosed design helps prevent non-feline intruders from getting to the litter.

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Iris Best Top Entry Litter Box for Cats

This box has a unique circular top entrance keeps litter in its place, while also giving Kitty the privacy and freedom she craves. Grooves on the litter box’s lid work as a built-in mat to brush Kitty’s paws clean as she comes and goes, and durable rubber feet keep her litter box firmly in place on any type of floor surface. An included scoop can be hung on a hook inside the litter box for convenient storage and quicker, cleaner scooping.

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AmazonBasics No-Mess Hooded Cat Litter Box

AmazonBasics Best Top Entry Litter Box for Cats

If you are looking for a low cost option this is the model for you. Ideal for homes with other pets or litter boxes placed in common areas, this product keeps your space clean and also prevents curious dogs from accessing the box. Your furry friend will appreciate being allowed to do their business away from prying eyes, thanks to this enclosed, leak-proof design.

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So that concludes our list of the best top entry litter box for cats. It’s important to note that this style of litter box won’t be suited for every single kitty and their owner. However, if you have the ability to use one, I would definitely make the switch, because top entry litter boxes are a game-changer.