If your cat has Kidney Disease and is struggling to eat on their own you may have gotten the recommendation to give your cat baby food. Which I admit I was shocked to get this recommendation when I first heard it. Yet to my surprise the meat gravy of baby food was indeed a hit with my cat. In hindsight, of course a yummy meat soup was going to be a hit. Is it just my cats or do they seem to love creamy gravy foods?

Why Baby Food?

The appeal here is that the baby food we are going after is basically ground up meat soup. Just protein and water what is there not to love when you are a cat? Cat’s are Obligate or “true” carnivores are those whose diet requires nutrients found only in animal flesh. While obligate carnivores might be able to ingest small amounts of plant matter, they lack the necessary physiology required to fully digest it.

Since baby food is a few simple ingredients, this means you could attempt to make your own with a food processor at home. Much like many moms out their make their own baby food at home.

Baby foods is high in protein but surprisingly low in phosphorus. Bone is typically what adds in high amounts of phosphorus and is not present in baby food like it is in standard cat food. You will want to note that baby food is missing a lot of the essential vitamins a cat needs.

What Baby Food Can I Get My Cat?

Yup! Human baby food. It’s one of the first things I commonly see recommended when cats give up eating. You can’t just give any baby food. The baby food should be meat only, without vegetables or fillers such as pasta. 

Gerber’s 2nd Foods Meats

Gerber second stage has four different meat flavors and is the brand that offers you the most flavor selection. I also found this was the easiest baby food to find and buy. The flavors are Chicken, Turkey, Beef and Ham. You can shop these flavors right on Amazon or in your local grocery store.

Shop Gerber Meat Starter Pack

When buying these flavors you always want to confirm the ingredients there should be nothing more than the meat, water and starch.

Beech-Nut Stage 1

To be honest I like this option the best. It only contains two ingredients just the broth and the meat. It simplifies things and takes out the starch that is added into the Gerber brand.

Beech-Nut has Chicken, Turkey and Beef. Again as a reminder, when buying baby food for your cat you always want to confirm the ingredients. There should be nothing more than the meat and gravy.

Shop at Walmart

Heinz Stage 2

I have seen this company recommended by others but I would AVOID feeding this to your cats. It includes rice which is unnecessary carbs for your cat. But the dangerous part is it has lemon juice added.

I dunno about you but when I have citrus my cats run the other direction. It’s one of the few times they don’t want to be in the kitchen with me. Turns out that according to the ASPCA lemon juice is toxic to cats.

How Long Can I Give my Cat Baby Food?

It’s fine to feed baby food to your cat here and there as a treat, or food topper, or to jumpstart eating. But, if you plan on feeding this exclusively for more than just a day or two you will want to add a meal completer to it.

A meal completer is a product like EZ Complete. The EZ Complete powder contains the vitamins and minerals that are essential to your cats health. Additionally, if you do find your cat only eating baby food I would contact your vet for more guidance.

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